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BBC World Service - The Why Factor

Why Do We Talk To Ourselves?
The Why Factor interview by Matthew Sweet, BBC World Service
May 29, 2017

Inverse - Westworld

The Bicameral Mind Explains What's Next for "Westworld"
A scholar explains how bicameral mind theory predicts the "Westworld" plot.
Inverese interview by Andrew Burmon
October 17, 2016


There Is Only Awe

There Is Only Awe
Rachel Aviv, N+1 Magazine, March 11, 2013

Evolution - This View of Life Interview

Julian Jaynes and the Bicameral Mind
Evolution: This View of Life interview by Dustin Eirdosh
February 4, 2012
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Red Ice Radio Inteview

Human Sacrifice Interview

Astraea Magazine Interview

Astraea Magazine & Web Radio Interview
By former BBC radio presenter Guy Leigh
January 2008

Blood Rites Interview

New Therapist Interview

"Voice of Reason"
New Therapist Magazine
Vol. 32, July/August 2004